Rite Aid cares about making their customer experience better. And strive to provide the best possible products and services to lead a healthier and happier life. For all these, knowing you’re the valued customers, feedback is critical. So, tell the company about your satisfaction with them sharing your recent experience through the Rite Aid Customer Satisfaction Survey, and get a chance to win some cash prizes by entering a monthly drawing.

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Rite Aid Survey

Please read the below set of frequently asked questions and their answers. Al the answers are taken from trusted sources.

Take Wecare.riteaid.com Survey

Q1. Where might I find the shop?

Ans.  Use www.riteaid.com/locations/search.html to discover rite assistance near you. A list of shops in your region along with hours, telephone numbers, and unique services for each site is provided.

Q2. How can I get cash bonuses?

Ans. Following 6 AM one day after issue, BonusCash awards can be claimed. Use or save BonusCash rewards when members checkout. Members are given a choice. There are several exceptions.

Q3. How can I get included in the survey?

Ans. For the first customer survey, you must have a valid receipt.

Q4. What is the Survey’s benefit?

Ans. A $1,000 gift card lottery or one out of ten odds to win a $100 gift card if you participate in the survey.

Q5. What is the Rite Aid Pharmacy’s survey about?

Ans. Rite Aid Pharmacy’s Customer Satisfaction survey is all about finding out what the customers have to say about Rite Aid Pharmacy’s performance over time and what can Rite Aid Pharmacy’s management do to improve future customer experiences.

Take Wecare.riteaid.com Survey

Q6. Who can enter the Rite Aid pharmacy’s survey?

Ans. Anyone who is 18 years of age or older and lives within the United States of America except the state of Florida can enter the sweepstakes survey and draw.

Rite Aid Survey

Q7. How and where to enter the Rite Aid pharmacy’s survey?

Ans. Participants may enter via mail or by going online on the website: https://www.riteaid.com/customer-support/store-and-pharmacy-surveys

Q8. Why should I participate in the Rite Aid Pharmacy’s Customer Satisfaction survey?

Ans. Taking part in the Rite Aid Pharmacy’s survey costs you nothing and take up barely 10 minutes of your precious time in exchange for cash prizes worth $1000 and $100. Additionally, your honest input will help the pharmacy’s management in customizing its future services for your benefits.

Q9. How will I be notified about my prize?

Ans. Winners of the draw will be notified via phone call or mail.

Q10. May I enter multiple times on a single receipt?

Ans. No, you may not enter the survey and sweepstakes draw multiple times on a single receipt. Each entry requires a fresh survey invitation and cashier codes. Hence you will need to make fresh purchases at any of the Rite Aid pharmacy’s outlets.

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